EEZ Studio v0.9.96 pre-release

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We are pleased to announce the completion of an additional milestone made possible by NLnet as part of the additional financing of the second phase of the development of EEZ Studio. Milestone 12 (pre-release version 0.9.96) now brings the possibility of creating a project based on the very popular and widespread open source LVGL library for embedded GUI development.


The LVGL library is extensive and in this milestone, which was very limited in time, the most commonly used elements for creating a functional GUI are supported (i.e. Button, Image, Label, Panel, Roller, Slider, Switch). Also, due to time constraints, but also because we currently do not have a professional designer available to create attractive pages, pages from a project created in SquareLine Studio, a commercial LVGL product for development purposes, were used.


What does LVGL library support mean for EEZ Studio users? Primarily, it is access to a large number of new target platforms and boards, both certified and many others, whose implementations can be found on GitHub and elsewhere.


In order to simplify the use of the LVGL library and speed up the development of embedded GUI projects, LVGL itself decided to offer the already mentioned SquareLine Studio for drag&drop visual editing. Similarly, NXP offers a GUI Guider with the same purpose. What is the advantage of using EEZ Studio compared to the already mentioned ready-made solutions? There are several reasons for this: simple and intuitive development environment, adding programming logic in the project itself thanks to EEZ Flow, visual debugger, integration with as well as access to other features that exist for BB3 and desktop projects such as SCPI and Python that will be added over the time.


Fig. 1: LVGL project (background image copyright © SquareLine)


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EEZ Studio is a free and open source project. Its development still depends on donations. If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation using one of the following methods:


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