Welcome to the EEZ Loyalty Program page. Here in one place you can find out what activities are currently being rewarded, how many points you have collected, your badges, information on coupons and rewards as well as the last 15 transactions shown in the Recent Loyalty History section.


Please note that it will take some time before the points from some of your activities become visible. For example, when making a purchase, points will be added to your account only after the order status is changed to Processing or Completed. Likewise in the event that the order status is changed to Canceled, Refunded or Failed, the number of points will not change or will be reduced by the amount added in case the previous status was Processing or Completed.


Important: The collected points can only be used on the EEZ Web store, they are not transferable to another user nor can they be converted directly into any currency. The monetary equivalent of the points collected is indirectly defined by the rewards offered and may vary between different loyalty levels.


If you receive a coupon independently of the EEZ Loyalty Program (e.g. compensation for damaged goods, redeem special offer, etc.) please note that such coupons will not be displayed in the Available coupons section below.


The following actions will automatically add new points to your account:


Earned points

Performed action


New user registration via your sponsorship email or link


for every €20 ($24) that any registered user who came through your sponsorship will spend in our Web store

You can convert earned points into rewards in the Available rewards section. Only rewards for which you have enough points will be unlocked. Clicking Unlock displays a pop-up notification on the home page.


Terms of the EEZ Loyalty Program are subject to change without notice. However, any changes will not affect the points earned (this does not necessarily apply if you are promoted to a new loyalty level by the admin).




This badge is worn by an active promoter of EEZ solutions that brings new customers, contributes to the community and helps create better products with valuable feedback.

Sponsorship tools

You can send an email from here directly to your friends, associates or anyone interested in EEZ solutions. Just sending an email brings points. If a new user registers with that email address or makes a purchase, you will be rewarded with points as mentioned above. Please note that sending a sponsorship email to an already registered user will not be possible (you will receive a message that the email is already an active customer). 

You can use a sponsorship link or QR code on your website, blog, forum posts and social networks. Each purchase that arrives via your link brings you new points.

The results of your sponsorship activities will also be displayed at the bottom of this page under Recent loyalty history.

Sponsor your friend(s)


Available coupons

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Available rewards

Fixed/Percentage discount
50.00 (excl. tax) discount on an order
This reward is worth 50 Points, you need 50 Points

Recent loyalty history

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