EEZ Studio v0.10.1 pre-release

Jun 30, 2023

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The pre-release of EEZ Studio Milestone 15 (pre-release version 0.10.1) is complete and it represents the next milestone from the third development phase that we were able to realize thanks to NLnet NGI0 Entrust.

New projects templates and examples

The new project wizard has been redesigned to include a large number of ready-made templates and examples (47 in total) that are grouped so that they can be easily browsed and searched and used as a starting point for a new project. Adding new templates and examples is now easier and there is no longer a need to remember in which Git repository the desired template or example is located and their number will grow over time as new functionalities are added.


Fig. 1: New project templates and examples

Extension manager

The existing Extension Manager is now extended with the ability to handle Project editor extensions that had to be manually added in the EEZ Studio configuration file until now. This will also help enrich EEZ Studio with new functionalities that 3rd party developers will be able to add.


Fig. 2: New extension manager

MQTT support

MQTT is an important and popular protocol for communicating with IoT devices. By adding seven new Actions (MQTTinit, MQTTConnect, MQTTDisconnect, MQTTEvent, MQTTSubscribe, MQTTUnsubscribe and MQTTPublish), it is now possible to communicate from the EEZ Studio project using the MQTT protocol. In the list of examples there is also an MQTT project (see below) that can be used, for example, to communicate with EEZ BB3 via MQTT.


Fig. 3: MQTT project example


JSON support

Support for JSON is the next important feature added in this milestone. Two new Actions (JSONParse and JSONStringify) have been added as well as a JSON example project that can be used for evaluation.


Fig. 4: JSON project example

CSV support

Finally, two new Actions for working with CSV files (CSVParse and CSVStringify) were added. An example project (CSV) is also available to learn how these functions can be used.


Fig. 5: CSV project example


Work on the User manual continued and in this milestone five new chapters were added. This is an ongoing task and we plan to describe all the functionalities in the next few milestones, so stay tuned.


* * *


EEZ Studio is a free and open source project. Its development still depends on donations. If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation using one of the following methods:


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