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DCP405 Single Channel Power Module

The DCP405 power module is programmable DC source that can deliver up to 40 V and 5 A (max. 155 W) using the hybrid topology of switching pre-regulator and linear (series) post-regulator for improved power efficiency and precise voltage and current setting and fast transient response.

Coupled with another DCP405 module it is possible to provide up to 80 V (in series) or up to 10 A (in parallel). When uncoupled its output is isolated (“floating”).

It offers various advanced features such as remote sensing, remote voltage programming, current setup and measurement in two ranges (50 mA / 5 A), hardware Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and down-programmer (DP).


Current version: r3B3

Status: Active

DCM224 Dual Channel Power Module



The DCM224 module (DCM220 successor) is designed as a supplementary power module that offers two DC sources built around synchronous step-down converters for up to 24 V and 4.9 A (max. 155 W) and it has no advanced features and precise current setting and measurement like the DCP405 module.

Power outputs share the same ground but are also isolated (floated) from the system ground. Additional features include output dimming and switching frequency dithering.


Current version: r3B3

Status: Retired

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