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Hardcopy of this text is part of the EEZ H24005 complete kit.




EEZ H24005 is a completely open source project covered by GPL v3 ( and TAPR v1.0 ( licenses. Its parts are subject to continuous development and improvements.

EEZ H24005 kit is not an end user product. As such it has not undergone any conformance testing and it may not comply with some or all technical or legal requirements that are applicable to finished products including, but without limitation, directives regarding electromagnetic compatibility, recycling (WEEE), FCC, CE, or UL.

By using the kit, the user acknowledges and agrees that any use of assembled EEZ H24005 is solely at the user’s own risk, and that user is solely responsible for compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in connection with such use.

Envox d.o.o. supplies EEZ H24005 kit AS IS, without any warranties, with all faults, at the buyer’s and further users’ sole risk. The user assumes all responsibility and liability for proper and safe handling of the goods. Further, the user indemnifies Envox d.o.o. from all claims arising from handling or using any part of the EEZ H24005 neither assembled nor in kit form.

All documents, manuals, and information on the EEZ H24005 power supply project official website (please start with document: and GitHub repository ( are intended only to assist the reader in the assembly and use of the product. Envox d.o.o. shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of any information or any error or omission in such information or any incorrect use of the product.

Please note that while EEZ H24005 power outputs are of low voltages (below 50 Vdc), they may still pose a threat of personal injury. Further, AC mains power voltages may be involved when assembling and using the EEZ H24005. High voltages can be lethal and in the worst case may lead to electrocution and death. Assembling and using the EEZ H24005 requires an understanding of electronic circuits and basic computer programming skills.


If you need assistance, please contact us using Contact us ( or post your problem on the EEVblog forum (

Feel free to open a New issue in GitHub (hardware related: or firmware: Please check first to see if a similar issue already reported.


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