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AUX-PS module r3B5

AUX-PS module r3B5


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  • On-board IEC C14 AC inlet with dual 20 x 5 mm fuses
  • On-board AC power switch
  • AC input protection (SAR, MOV)
  • AC input filter for EMI compliance
  • 3 x AC power outputs
  • Soft-start/standby relay control
  • +5 V, 10 W (optional 20 W)
  • +12 V, 10 W
  • I2C DC fan controller with temperature sensor and speed control
  • Two 3-wire or 4-wire 12V DC fans (standard PC fan pinout)
  • Standby LED indictor
  • On-board PE 4 mm terminal
  • AC mains frequency detection (optional)
  • Dimensions: 230.5 x 60 mm, 2-layer PCB
  • CE certified design


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