EEZ Studio v0.9.94 pre-release

Aug 15, 2022

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Pre-release EEZ Studio version 0.9.94 (aka Milestone 10) is completed on schedule. Its most important feature is the visualization of changes in the project. In several screenshots below, it is shown how this feature can be activated and how the display of the changes made looks like.


Tracking changes requires that the Changes option be activated in the project settings (Fig. 1). Fig. 2 shows the content of the page before the texts on the two buttons were changed.


The changes made can be viewed in the Changes tab, where a list of changes is displayed (Fig. 3). A visualization of the change will be displayed when the change is confirmed (Fig. 4).


Fig. 1: Select Changes option in project Settings


Fig. 2: Page before changes


Fig. 3: List of changes made


Fig. 4: Visual representation of the changes made


Please note that this version shows the changes made only until the first save to disk, i.e. the difference between Memory content and File content.


In addition to changes in the currently selected project, a comparison with the content of another project is also possible. For that, it is necessary to select the Compare with other project option (Fig. 5). The differences will be shown as in Fig. 6.


Fig. 5: Compare with other project option


Fig. 6: The difference between the two projects


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