EEZ Studio has been selected for new funding from NLnet

Nov 23, 2023

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We are delighted that NLnet has decided to continue supporting our development activities on the cross-platform low-code EEZ Studio visual tool for embedded GUI development and test & measurement management and automation.


In this round of financing, the emphasis will be on a series of improvements to the test & measurement management and automation features of EEZ Studio (i.e. Instruments section), which will be implemented through the following 5 new milestones:

Milestone 18 (M18) – Simultaneous control of multiple instruments

Dockable instrument terminals and dashboards for simultaneous display and control of multiple instruments. Redesign of interaction items history with possibility to pause/resume items recording.

Milestone 19 (M19) – Support for non-SCPI instruments and devices

Redesign of current communication with instrument, that is strictly SCPI oriented to offer different type of protocols. Add support for serial terminal with “plotter” (drawing graph from received data sequence).

Milestone 20 (M20) – Hybrid table/tree/grid widget

New widget for tabular display of data (from the database or imported files, applications from the instrument, etc.). Table cells will be able to contain simple label, tree label, progress, checkbox or image. Enable sorting by columns, pagination, search and export to HTML, PDF and CSV.

Milestone 21 (M21) – Project scrapbook

Project scrapbook as a universal clipboard for simple and fast copy/paste between different project sections and external contents.

Milestone 22 (M22) – Improvement of data management

Storage of data from each session in a separate database, archiving of data from the database and enabling work with multiple databases and the import/export instrument


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EEZ Studio is a free and open source project. Its development still depends on donations. If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation using one of the following methods:


  • Liberapay (PayPal gateway)
  • Become a sponsor on GitHub
  • Bitcoin: bc1qt9r6str2whz9y4nspc922lduqc4fd7ms3y00dn
  • Any ERC-20 token: 0x67B83E8b3BBa10d8A48aF7C6f0C3658F0d54Ba35


You can follow our further activities on Discord, X (Twitter), GitHub, and Mastodon.