We are a long-established company that develops its own software solutions. A few years ago, the founder wanted to start dealing with electronics again, which started with the search for programmable power supply as an indispensable device on the benchtop of every electronics engineer. The search resulted in frustration due to unrealistic expectations that such a device could be found on the market that would be open enough, i.e. repairable and hackable for further hardware and software modifications and extensions. And so began our new adventure. The Envox Experimental Zone (EEZ) started as a playground where we started working intensively on various prototypes for our first project H24005 dual-channel Arduino based programmable power supply. At the same time, experimentation began on the software side and very quickly EEZ Studio appeared as a practical tool for developing touchscreen GUIs and for working with other T&M instruments we have on the benchtop (oscilloscopes, spectral analyzers, etc.).


Instead of Mission & vision statement

We do not believe in the concept of missionary work because it often involves pushing other people’s ideas and beliefs. It also opens up space for misunderstanding, hidden agendas (i.e. ideologies as we have witnessed lately) and many end up as useful idiots in the name of “higher” causes. We don’t want to change anyone, least of all the World no matter how tempting it may sound. Instead, we continue to change ourselves and inform others about what we have achieved so far and want to achieve. We look at our work and the results achieved as a personal evolution, and we call for no revolution.


So far, our ideas and results have resonated with many for lots of reasons and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us materialize the results and what allowed others to get what we do at their benchtops, and their feedback helped us make things even better and gave us ideas for creating new things.


We want to point out that we have no intention of acting out what we are not: a large multinational business full of carefully chosen messages that balance between the wishes and expectations of shareholders and customers. However, you can expect from us an open and direct approach, that we are promptly reachable as if we are in continuous AMA mode. You can expect that we will do our best to make what we do better every day, and that all the problems we encounter will be communicated in a timely manner and that they will try to solve them in real time by doing as little damage as possible.


The openness of code and design (i.e. open source software and hardware) was a promise given at the very beginning of the EEZ adventure. Of course, it is not a promise that everything we’ll do will be free or insanely cheap because we still do not know how to materialize something out of thin air to pay the bills. However, we believe that the offered openness should reduce frustration and dissatisfaction with what has been done so far, and it is an open invitation to everyone to push the limits by hacking, upgrades, learn something through the process and possibly share it with the community.