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Hackaday about EEZ PSU (thanks Elliot!)


DIY power supply projects

We are trying here to make a collection of open source power supplies. Please find below what we found so far (sorted alphabetically) and you are welcome with your suggestions.


Only a project that include some sort of programming and is open source will be listed.



Danger From Deer – Bench power supply build


Dave Erickson – DIY SMU


DIYaudio forum – Frex: Triple outputs 160W Lab PSU – EPSUX3 version 2


EEVblog – μSupply, a compact Arduino compatible battery powered laboratory power supply


EEVblog forum – Cowana: Korad KA3003D redesign and upgrade


EEVblog forum (Leonid Ivanovitch) – PSL-3604 DIY Bench Power Supply


Elektor Magazine – Sunil_M: Platino Adjustable Bench Power Supply – Fully Programmable Modular Bench Power Supply

GitHub – ElbSupply: Simple linear bench supply

GitHub – Fridrik: DPS201 Lab PSU


JuanGg Projects – Linear dual channel lab power supply


Kerry Wong – A Digitally Controlled Dual Tracking Power Supply


Koyodza – Bench lab power supply PSA2


Musings of a WAHZ – Lab Power Supply


Quertyboy design – Digital PSU

GitHub – MOD1 modular power supply


ThomasVDD – SmartSupply (Digital Battery Operated Power supply) – A Digital DC Power Supply (programmable bench power supply unit), hardware version 3.0

Power pre-regulator projects


EEZ CF-DIC power pre-regulator with wide input and wide output voltage range, multiple protections and four bias power outputs


Yu3ma – LLC resonant half-bridge isolated 200W Switched Mode Power Supply based on Fairchild’s (now On Semiconductors) FSFR2100XS power controller.


Iowa Scaled Enginnering – Rebuilding the Elektor 400W power supply: pre-regulator

Interesting readings

Research how to build a 4 quadrant bench power supply, aka “poor man’s source measure unit