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C2. Overview

C2.1. Introduction

EEZ Studio was initially developed as a companion application for the in-house developed EEZ H24005 programmable power supply and EEZ BB3 T&M chassis to address two important tasks: a) remote programming and management and b) simplifying the development of a feature rich embedded GUI for a color touch-screen display.


The development was inspired by the idea of offering an open source alternative to some existing commercial solutions that are used for the mentioned tasks, all in order to overcome the limitations of their closed code, outdated and complex UI or sometimes awkward UX and licensing, which in our case was not in accordance with the open source of the mentioned devices that we have developed.

C2.2. Main sections

EEZ Studio consists of two main sections, which are described separately in the manual:

  • Project – creating, editing, debugging and building the code for the embedded GUI project for the selected target platform. Generated code can be directly imported into the IDE/toolchain used to build the firmware and accelerate the development process. It enables the rapid development of high quality embedded GUI and also comes with support for the open-source LVGL graphics library. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to utilize the many features such as widgets, animations, and styles to create a GUI reducing the coding effort. Additionally flowchart-like EEZ flow programming feature will further save development time and complexity.


  • Instrument – allows access to one or more T&M instruments using several communication interfaces through which it is possible to manage and collect measurement data and screenshots using SCPI commands and queries. Collected data can be analyzed, searched, annotated and exported to other applications. Automation of test and measurement tasks using JavaScript and EEZ flow programming allows it to be used in different scenarios from basic development, calibration, troubleshooting and quality control using multiple devices from different manufacturers that can be in different locations connected to LANs.

In the introductory chapters of the two main sections that follow, all important features will be listed and described in detail.

C2.3. Known issues and issue reporting

EEZ Studio is continuously developing and improving. A list of known issues can be found on GitHub where you are also invited to leave your suggestions for improvements and new functionality.


When reporting bugs using the GitHub tracking system, please first check if the issue you want to report has already been reported by someone else. When opening a new ticket, the following information can simplify and speed up the resolution:

  • Descriptive/detail name of the issue (avoid general descriptions)
  • Installed operating system version
  • Installed EEZ Studio version
  • Steps to reproduce the problem you are reporting

C2.4. Donations

As an open source project, EEZ Studio has been largely developed thanks to donations primarily from NLnet foundation as well as a number of smaller individual donors. If you want to contribute to further development with your donation, you can use Liberapay.

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