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This Widget, similar to Container, has multiple Child widgets under it. But unlike Container, which will always display all Child widgets, this Widget displays only one Child widget, and that is the one we selected via the Data property. Therefore, use this Widget when you want depending on e.g. the value of some variable to change the structure of the page. Widgets are added to Select via the Widgets Structure panel using drag and drop.




EXPRESSION (boolean)

The result of the evaluation of this expression must be the zero based index of the Widget that is to be displayed. So if the result is 0 then the first Widget will be displayed, if the result is 1 then the second Widget will be displayed, etc. The order of Widgets can be selected using drag and drop within the Widgets Structure panel.


EXPRESSION (boolean)

If the calculated expression is true then the Widget is visible, and if it is false then the Widget is hidden. It can be left blank, in which case the Widget is always visible.


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