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LineChart (Dashboard)


Displays a Line chart consisting of the following parts:

  • Title
  • X Axis
  • Y axis
  • A legend
  • Grid
  • One or more lines

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At the beginning of the chart there is not a single point on the lines. In order to add a point, it is necessary to pass the data through value input. One point is added for each applied data on that input. The X and Y values of that point on all lines should then be calculated from the received data. For example the received data can be a structure that has an X value and a Y value for each line.



X value


Defines the value on the X-axis for the added point. It can be set to the current time with Date.now() or some other value, but care must be taken to increase the value with each newly added point.



Defines one or more lines on the Y-axis. The following must be specified for each line:

  • Label – The name of the line that is displayed in the Legend.
  • Color – Color of the line.
  • Value – The value on the Y axis for the added point.



Name of the chart.

Show legend


It should be set if we want to render the legend.

Y axis range option


Here we have two options:

  • Floating – Y-axis range will be automatically selected based on the Y value at all points.
  • Fixed – Y-axis range is set via Y axis range from and Y axis range to items.

Y axis range from


If Fixed is selected for Y axis range option, then the lower limit of the Y-axis range is set with this item.

Y axis range to


If Fixed is selected for Y axis range option, then the upper limit of the Y-axis range is set with this item.

Max points


The maximum number of points that will be displayed.



Manually selected margin values between the Widget borders and the chart itself within the Widget. It is necessary to leave an empty space for Title (displayed above the chart, so the appropriate Top margin should be selected), X-axis (displayed below the chart, Bottom margin), Y-axis (displayed to the left of the chart, Left margin) and Legend (displayed to the right of the chart, Right margin).


EXPRESSION (boolean)

If the calculated expression is true then the Widget is visible, and if it is false then the Widget is hidden. It can be left blank, in which case the Widget is always visible.




If we want to erase all the points on the chart, it is necessary to send a signal to this input.



The input to which the value of the point that we want to add to the chart is sent. When the maximum number of points, which is set through the Max points item, is reached, then the oldest added point will be deleted.


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