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Displays a Terminal window through which the user can enter arbitrary text, as the text is entered, character by character is sent through the onData output. It is also possible to enter text into the terminal through flow using the Data property.





The text that is entered in the Terminal window. It is necessary to add flow input of type string or stream and enter the name of that input in this property. If the flow input is of the string type, then it is necessary to send a string to that input that you want to enter in the terminal – this can be done multiple times, i.e. every time a string is received at that input, it will be entered in the terminal. If the flow input is of stream type, then the Terminal Widget listens to see if there is any new data on the stream and when it appears, it writes it to the terminal – for example, in this way it is possible to connect stdout or stderr output from ExecuteCommand Actions on the Terminal Widget.


EXPRESSION (boolean)

If the calculated expression is true then the Widget is visible, and if it is false then the Widget is hidden. It can be left blank, in which case the Widget is always visible.


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