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Use this Widget when you want to display the same Widget multiple times. This Widget has one Child widget under it, and the number of times it will be displayed depends on the Data property. Multiplied Widgets can be displayed by first filling rows or columns:

It wouldn’t be very useful if multiplied Widgets always had the same content, that’s why there is a system variable $index that tells us in which order the Widget is rendered. That variable is zero based, that means when its value is 0 then the first Widget is rendered, when its value is 1 then the second Widget is rendered and so on. That $index can then be used within the expression of the property of the Child widget, and in this way it is achieved that each rendered Widget has different content (e.g. the Text Widget can display a string that is taken from an array variable: country_cities [$index].country).





Determines how many times the Child widget will be multiplied, i.e. the number of elements in the list. The value of this property can be an integer and then it is the number of elements, and if the value of this property is an array, then the number of elements in the list is equal to the number of elements in that array.

In the case of EEZ-GUI projects, the value of this property can also be struct:$ScrollbarState. The same structure is used for the ScrollBar Widget, which can then be connected to the List Widget via the struct:$ScrollbarState variable and thus enable scrolling of the list in case the total number of list elements is greater than the number of elements that fit within the List Widget.

More about the struct:$ScrollbarState system structure can be found in the ScrollBar Widget documentation.

List type


Defines vertical or horizontal orientation.



The distance in pixels between two grid elements.


EXPRESSION (boolean)

If the calculated expression is true then the Widget is visible, and if it is false then the Widget is hidden. It can be left blank, in which case the Widget is always visible.


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