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C4. Key features

C4.1. General

  • Modern and attractive UI/UX developed in Electron
  • Light / Dark theme
  • Multi-tab support for faster navigation
  • Cross-platform run-time (Linux, Windows, macOS)
  • Modular design based on plug-ins that can be added/removed depends of scope of the work
  • Source/Version control integration (GitHub and
  • Open source project

C4.2. EEZ Studio Project

  • Modular visual development environment for rich embedded GUI (small display/limited resources) and desktop GUI
  • EEZ Flow, low-code flowchart programming for both rapid prototyping and creation of complex applications
  • LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library) support
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for unlimited number of Color Themes, Widget styles, user created Widgets and Actions
  • Adding new functionality using Project extensions
  • Generate C++ code for embedded GUI functionality that can be directly included in STM32CubeIDE for EEZ BB3 and other STM32 target platforms or Arduino IDE for EEZ H24005 and other Arduino compatible target platforms
  • Instrument definition file (IDF) builder with context sensitive SCPI commands help (based on Keysight’s Offline Command Expert command set XML structure) suitable for EEZ Studio Instrument and Keysight Command Expert
  • SCPI command help generator based on bookmarked HTML generated directly from .odt file using EEZ WebPublish extension for OpenOffice/LibreOffice.
  • Project templates (using repositories) and comparison of projects
  • Drag&drop editor for creating instrument’s desktop dashboard (for remote control and management)

C4.3. EEZ Studio Instrument

  • Dynamic environment where multiple instruments can be configured and easily accessed
  • Session oriented interaction with each SCPI instrument
  • Serial (via USB), Ethernet and VISA (via free R&S®VISA) T&M instrument interfaces support
  • Direct import of EEZ Studio generated IDFs and Keysight’s Offline Command Expert command sets
  • IEXT (Instrument EXTension) catalog with growing number of supported instruments (Rigol, Siglent, Keysight, etc.)
  • History of all activities with search/content filtering
  • Quick navigation via calendar ("heatmap") or sessions list view
  • Shortcuts (hotkeys and buttons) that can be user defined or come predefined from imported IDF. The shortcut can contain single or sequence of SCPI commands or Javascript code.
  • Javascript code for task automation (e.g. logfile, or programming list upload/download, etc.) can be also assigned to the shortcut
  • SCPI commands context sensitive help with search
  • File upload (instrument to PC) with image preview (e.g. screenshots)
  • File download (PC to instrument) automation for transferring instrument profiles
  • Simple arbitrary waveform editor (envelope and table mode)
  • Displaying measurement data as graphs
  • FFT analysis, harmonics and simple math functions (Period, Frequency, Min, Max, Peak-to-Peak, Average)
  • Export graphs as .CSV file



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