EEZ DIB Projekt je sufinanciran sredstvima Hrvatske agencije za malo gospodarstvo, inovacije i investicije (HAMAG-BICRO) iz Programa provjere inovativnog koncepta

The EEZ DIB project is co-financed by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO) from the Proof of Concept Program (PoC7)



Fig. 1: The EEZ DIB based first working prototype

The EEZ DIB represents complete software and hardware framework for making a new category of modular test and measurement (T&M) equipment positioned between entry-level/hobbyist and professional solutions combining their best features. Demand for T&M solutions is constantly growing and that is in line with our technological and communication orientation.

Potential users of T&M equipment are no longer coming just from the various advanced research laboratories, standards institutes and quality assurance, etc. Because of the ubiquitous nature of many technological achievements, hobbyists, students, educational institutions, micro and mini companies have at their disposal technologies and devices that were almost unimaginable a couple of decades ago. They represent the target group for EEZ DIB concept.

Professional T&M equipment providers still offer solutions that are too expensive and closed/proprietary type (often patent protected) and therefore unattractive for the widest group of technologically involved users. Because of that a large number of simple devices have emerged from the target group, which, apart from low price, are often offered as “open source”, which is the reason for their quick and wide acceptance.

However, there is still no specification/platform that would be the basis for easier and faster creation of new open source T&M devices, as well as their interaction or communication with other T&M equipment and systems, regardless of the degree of complexity and cost.

EEZ DIB is an attempt to create such a platform with building blocks that will enable new creators to design more complex and high-quality modular T&M devices while reducing overall development and manufacturing costs.

Fig. 2: 3D model of EEZ DIB chassis prototype