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2. Key features

The EEZ BB3 is a modular DC power supply with multiple isolated channels, combined power output up to 465 W, maximum voltage output ranging from 20 to 80 V and maximum current output of up to 10 A. The graphical user interface features a large color TFT touch-screen display combined with an incremental encoder providing a clear, responsive and easy to operate interface. Outstanding key features of the EEZ BB3 are:


2.1. General

  • Modular and open-source design based on EEZ DIB v1.0 specification enabling multiple configurations and future-proof upgrading
  • Three module slots for installation of different power modules in any combination
  • Minimized wire harness and easily accessible modules simplify assembly, upgrade and maintenance
  • High performance 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 master MCU
  • Power output coupling without external wiring thanks to built in power relays that provide coupling in series, parallel or split rail for two modules and common ground for all three modules
  • Down-programmer with high current capability (DCP405 module only)
  • Full range auto-switch AC input (115 / 230 Vac)
  • Low noise Ø80 mm cooling fan with speed algorithm based on multiple temperature sensors and output current readings
  • Compact size: 290 (W) x 123 (H) x 240 (D) mm
  • Free and open source software and open source hardware design

2.2. User interface and programming

  • Large color 4.3” (470 x 272) TFT touch-screen display as human machine interface (HMI) for fast and simple navigation through all available options and each channel’s detailed information
  • Multiple color themes
  • Encoder with switch plus user-defined switch complement the TFT touch-screen for even faster and easier navigation
  • Ten user-defined profiles with power-up recall control
  • Calibration wizard
  • High programming and readback resolution for applications with the highest demands
  • Independent real-time voltage, current and power measurement of all installed channels
  • Four display modes: numerical, horizontal bar, vertical bar and YT-view
  • Two YT-view modes (cursor or data scroll) and with high refresh rate (down to 10 mS)
  • Output Enable (OE) synchronization and sequencing with programmable delays
  • Arbitrary waveform generation function with user friendly GUI for both voltage and current
  • Multi-channel tracking function
  • Simple to use data logger and viewer
  • File manager
  • USB DFU firmware upgrade for master MCU and slave MCUs on peripheral boards
  • Trigger system with various inputs (manual, software, digital input, etc.)
  • Comprehensive SCPI support (300+ commands)
  • MicroPython scripting
  • MQTT support for IoT networking
  • Cross-platform (Linux, OS X, Windows) EEZ Studio comes with intuitive HMI editor and provides centralized control, programming, data acquisition and analysis of multiple EEZ BB3 and 3rd party SCPI-enabled instruments. Free to download

2.3. Connectivity

  • Remote control via Ethernet or USB interface
  • Removable Micro SD card
  • 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with Auto-negotiation and Auto-MDIX
  • USB FS with OTG (virtual COM port, mass storage, mouse support)
  • RTC with battery backup and NTP synchronization (via Ethernet)
  • Digital control lines (2 x input + 2 x output, buffered and protected)

2.4. Protections and controls

  • AC soft-start (inrush current limiter) and standby control
  • AC input protection (MOV, VAR, SAR)
  • Multiple channel- and system-wide protections against over-voltage, over-current (with electronic fuse function), over-power and over-temperature with adjustable trip delay
  • Remote sense reverse polarity protection (DCP405 module only)
  • Fast over-voltage protection with triac crowbar (DCP405 module only)
  • User interface lock function with password protections

For a detailed specification, refer to the data sheet.


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