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Youtube channel eez-open



Crowdfunding campaign promo video.




A short preview of the first BB3 enclosure prototype.




A brief preview of new user interface on the 4.3" TFT touchscreen display directly powered by STM32F7 and created using our free and open source EEZ Studio.




An example of why does color touch-screen display on programmable power supply matter.

Recording and viewing of the logged data is possible directly on the display. The recorded data is on an SD card and can be transferred with one click to a PC for further processing and analysis thanks to the FOSS multi-platform EEZ Studio application.




DCP405 power module delivers 0 – 40 V, 0 – 50 mA or 0 – 5 A. This video shows its four advanced features: remote sense, down-programmer, remote programming, fast over-voltage protection.




4 ways of coupling power outputs are shown: in series, in parallel, "split rails" and common grounds. Coupling does not require external wiring and it is firmware controlled.

When coupling into series or parallel firmware automatically adopts output values settings and presentations to extended ranges (80 V or 10 A).

Tracking functionality is also presented that allows you to control two or more channels simultaneously.




First example of MicroPython scripting is a simple diode tester that is used to find out breakdown voltage of normally inversely biased diodes such as Zener diode or TVS.




Thanks to added support for MQTT protocol, EEZ BB3 became MQTT client (node) and can be managed as an IoT device. This is a short demo that shows how to start control it with other clients such as open source MQTT Explorer or Grafana.




This video covers various built-in protections like the detection of cooling fan failures, output states on power up and protection trip, full-range OVP crowbar, display lock, module power failure, reverse polarity protection of both power outputs and remote sense inputs, power recycling with connected battery, and inhibit mode.




MicroPython scripting is used to create curve tracer for NPN BJTs and N-ch MOSFETs.




A short introduction to power output ramp and delay feature.




A simple example of how to use Node-RED to communicate with EEZ BB3.




EEZ BB3 with Node-RED integration used as end-to-end open source ATE (Automated Test Equipment) solution to automate the testing of DCP405 power modules.

Featuring new SMX46 module with switch matrix, analog outputs and power relay.






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